Infinity Pro Power Band – Review (@infinityprouk)

When I first stumbled across the Infinity Pro bands, I was skeptical.  How could one of these little rubber wristbands make even a small difference to the way I feel on a day to day basis?  They agreed to send one out to me to review – this is one product that I was looking forward to receiving, purely because of how much I did not think it could help.

Firstly, I do have to comment on the delivery time.  I spoke to the guys over at Infinity Pro and provided my size on the Friday and the band was on my doorstep on the Saturday morning!  They provide free First Class shipping in the UK, as well as FREE WORLDWIDE shipping AND same day processing on your orders.  Not many companies do that!


Now, packaging wise, the Infinity Pro iONiC Power Band came in a very nice plastic box.  On the box you will find a list of what the Power Band is rumoured to improve, as well as the URL to their website & Facebook page, and also some information regarding the iON levels and a size guide.  Minimal, but very informative.

The Power Band itself is made of a surgical grade silicone, with the Infinity Pro branding and holographic logos,  which does feel very nice to touch,  It is very sturdy and has enough elasticity to allow you to stretch it out to get it on for the first time.  The band itself has tourmaline crystal that has been crushed and embedded into the silicone.  That in itself adds a nice effect to the band.  The Power Band range contain 4000+ negative iONs per second, which is more than other product on the market at this time.  The negative iONs interact with the high levels of postive iONs that we encounter on a daily basis.  Whether they are from car exhaust fumes or dust, the negative neutralise the positive. The band is 100% waterproof and can be worn 24/7 – I have not removed mine since putting it on for the first time.  The fact that any aged person can use the band is also something that works in its favour.


Before you start thinking “how is a rubber wristband going to help with anything?”, let me tell you how much it has helped.  I tend to have pretty much constant pain all over my body, as well as continuous nausea.  I have noticed that the level of pain has decreased and the nausea has eased off a little.  I am also sleeping slightly better each night, too.  Now I am not saying that these things are 100% associated with the band, but I’ll take what I can get.  I was definitely very skeptical when I first saw and read about these bands but I am very glad that I gave them a try.  There is a huge selection available so if the Power Bands do not seem like your thing, then I am sure there will be something for you, and even your pet!


Perixx MX-3000 Laser Gaming Mouse – Review

Perixx is a company that are best known for their mice and keyboard range.  They were kind enough to send me out one of their MX-3000 gaming mice for review.

The packaging design for the MX-3000 is actually very nice.  With the flaming image surrounding the mouse, it stands out really well.  The image of the mouse shows you what to expect, and as with other products, you have the Perixx branding and the name of the mouse.  Also along the bottom you have the ‘Made in Germany’ logo.  The front of the box opens up to reveal the mouse itself so that you can see what you are getting before you buy.  This flap is secured in place by a magnet and is very easy to open and close.  On the rear of the box you will find a list of features, provided in several languages.  The sides of the box also provide some information related to the mouse.


After removing the mouse from the box, I found a cute little metal tin which sports the Perixx logo and web address on the top.  Inside the tin are 6 weight cartridges that you can insert into the base of the mouse to give it more weight if required.  Also included is a user manual, some replacement friction stickers for the bottom, software disc, and the mouse.

The mouse itself has a very nice design to it.  The 3D red colour scheme looks very nice and the black & silver colours match in with the red very well.  The cable on the mouse is braided and has a gold USB connector on the end.  There are 8 buttons on the mouse that range from the standard left and right click, to the DPI changer.  You can programme these buttons as you wish using the bundled software, once installed on your PC/laptop.


The DPI settings are easily changeable and can be changed all the way from 500 to 8200.  The LED lights on the top of the mouse indicate which level DPI you are currently on, making it easier to select your preferred setting.  If you use your mouse for several gaming genres or even for general use, you can edit different profiles using the bundled software.  This way there will be something for each part of your computer use, and even something for the different people that my be using your mouse.  The LEDs on the mouse are nice and bright and are located in places on the mouse that just make them ‘POP’.  You can change the colour scheme on the mouse using the software included, so you can change things around to match your current setup if required – always a nice touch and something that I use often, mostly because I like change.


The mouse fits very nicely into the palm of my hand.  My hands are not huge by any means, and it is nice to find a mouse every now and then that actually fits without having to stretch out my fingers to reach the buttons.  The mouse glides nicely over the surface, whether it be just the top of the desk or a mouse mat.  I have used the mouse during fairly extended gaming sessions, as well as for everyday use and have only more minor gripe with the mouse.  The DPI buttons are not placed conveniently.  If you are mid game and decide that you want to either increase or decrease the DPI, the buttons are awkward to reach in a rush and take a little effort to press.  The DPI button placement is the only thing that I am not too keen on with this mouse though.

Overall, I am very impressed.  The mouse does what it is supposed to do and works amazingly well.  Having the option to customise the mouse colour wise is always welcomed by myself.  You can currently find this mouse on Amazon UK for the price of £24.99 GBP and it is well worth the money, in my opinion – even the DPI button placement would not put me off.


System Requirements:

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
USB Port

MOFRED iPad Protective Case – Review (@MofredProducts)

With so many products available at the moment to protect your most treasured gadgets, finding one that suits you AND does what it says can be a time consuming task.

I recently receiving the MOFRED Protective Tablet Case for the iPad to review and see if it does the job.  Packaging wise, things look really nice.  With a simple, yet informative design, it was enough to catch my eye.  There is no tricky packaging to cut open as the top opens with a resealable fastening.  On the bottom of the packaging you can see a list of the key features, including the sleep and awake feature, and that it protects against damages.  On the right hand side of the packaging you will find company information, including their address and email address.


Upon removing the case, I Was instantly impressed with how nice it felt to hold.  If it feels this nice before putting the iPad inside it, it must be a pleasure to hold with the tablet inserted.  The case itself is one that simply opens and closes.  The top right hand corner sports the MOFRED logo and once opened, you are greeted with an included screen protector.  The material on the inside of the case is very soft and will most certainly protect your iPad from scratches.  The tablet itself slides in on the right hand side and is secured into place with a velcro fastened flap.  Looking at the case with the iPad inserted, all of the spaces for the buttons, speakers and cameras are in the correct places, with sufficient space around each feature for them to work as intended.

When it comes to using the iPad with the case fitted, you can either use it as the standard opened flap type case, or you can fold around the case and fix it into the fastener on the back of the case to use it in an upright position – very handy if on a FaceTime call or watching videos.  The wake and sleep mode worked very well when opening and closing the case.  It might only save a press of a button here and there, but the feature is welcome nonetheless.  The included screen protector, as well as the case itself, helps to protect your iPad from unwanted finger smudges, as well as doing its main job – keeping little scratches and marks away from your little bundle of electrical goodness.


This is my first experience with a MOFRED product and I feel reassured that any and all of my gadgets would be well protected.  For the low price you pay as well as the large selection available, I would highly recommend the MOFRED product line to any and everybody looking for something like this.

iPhone Hoodie – Review (@chilicase)

Today I have something a little different to review for you.

I recently received a new product n the market – a hoodie for my iPhone!  The hoodie is made by a brand new company called chilicase and I have to admit, I have never seen a hoodie for my phone before!


When I received the hoodie, I was surprised by the size of it.  It was quite a bit smaller than I thought it was going to be.  The quality of the product is very high and it feels very well made in my hand.  The hoodie itself has the hood – obviously – and on the back there is the chilicase logo on an attached label.  I also received a chilicase branded lanyard with my hoodie – always a nice touch as far as I am concerned, especially since I love collecting them!

When it comes to putting the hoodie on to my phone, I did find it a little fiddly the first time I tried.  However, since I have used it a few times, I think I have ‘broken it in’ and it is definitely a lot easier to slide on and off of my phone.  The inside of the hoodie is very soft to touch and will not scratch the screen of your phone.  It fits very snuggly to the phone itself and there is no chance of the phone slipping out unintentionally.  This also provides the phone with a bit of extra padding when you have it in your pocket or handbag.  When holding the phone inside the hoodie, it is a pleasure to hold, due to the softness of the material.


For someone like myself who likes having little things to change things up as far as my gadgets go, the hoodie from chilicase is a welcomed addition to my collection.  It is such a simple concept yet no one has thought to do it before – until now.  There are different designs available – all of which can be found on their website – and at the moment, there you have a choice of either black or grey as the main colour. You can find chilicase at their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

I would like to thank chilicase for sending this out to me for review.

M268 Gaming Mouse – Review (@TeckNetOnline)

The M268 Gaming Mouse is brought to you from the new range of gaming peripherals from TeckNet.  This review will focus on value for money, performance and style of the mouse.

Firstly, the packaging that the mouse arrived in shows and tells you everything that you need to know.  You are greeted with a perfect view of the mouse itself through a clear plastic window on the front of the box – prefect for viewing before you buy.  On the sides of the box you are shown the specs and system requirements for the mouse, as we as a list of design features for the mouse.  The vack of the box shows you a whole list of the mouse features, which range from an enhanced refresh rate, to a list of what each of the buttons do.


Upon removing the mouse, I was instantly impressed with how lightweight the mouse is, especially compared to my previous mouse.  Weighing in at only 150g, it is easy to hold and maneuver around.  The mouse features a braided cable – around 2 meters in length – and a gold plated USB plug.  It also has two buttons on the left hand side of the mouse (forward and back), a DPI shift button, and the scroll wheel.  The mouse is also very sturdy and a nice weight.  It doesn’t feel overly heavy or light, and is a pleasure to use throughout both short and long PC sittings.

All of the buttons are accessible easily and can be used without having to overstretch your fingers to reach.  The mouse also fits very comfortably in my hand, and my hands aren’t overly big.  The DPI button does what it should, how it should.  Simply click the button to change between the presets of 1000DPI, 1600DPI, and 2000DPI.  As you change the DPI settings, the blue light on the mouse gets brighter – the brighter the light, the higher the DPI.  The mouse also glides nice and smoothly over both my desk surface, and the mouse mat surface, without any additional force required.


With TeckNet now focusing on reasonably priced gaming mice, I think that following my experience with their products recently, they could definitely make an impact.  The M268 Gaming Mouse does what you would expect it to, without all of the fancy extras.  This is definitely a mouse that I would suggest to anyone, no matter what they use their PC for.

System Requirements:

Windows 98, 2000, XP, ME, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & MAC OS
USB Port

**Please note**

The scroll wheel only works under the operating systems listed.  If you use the mouse with a different OS, the mouse may either not work or lose its enhanced features and function as a standard six-button mouse only.

TeckNet Black Wind X9800 High Precision Laser Gaming Mouse – Review (@TeckNetOnline)

I am usually not too fussy about the mouse I use when on the PC.  Lately though, I had thought about maybe upgrading to something a bit more advanced than the mouse that was bundled in when I bought my PC.  Luckily, TeckNet were kind enough to send a couple of their gaming mice my way.  Today I have the Black Wind X9800 High Precision Laser Gaming Mouse for review.

When the mouse first arrived, obviously the packaging was the first thing to catch my eye.  With the TeckNet branding in the top corner, an eye catching image of the mouse, and a whole bunch of information to boot, if a box could sell me a mouse, this sort of box would do just that.  On the back of the packaging, you have several different images and a whole variety of information and the specifications for the mouse.


Upon removing the mouse from the box, I was greeted with the software CD, the mouse itself and an instruction manual.  Also included was a strange little round box.  Inside this box was several small round metal pieces.  These are actually weights that you can insert into the bottom of the mouse to make it heavier if it is too light for you.  Alternatively, you can remove them if you find it too heavy for you.  The mouse has a braided cable – roughly 2 meters in length – and a gold plated USB plug.

Having the option to completely personalise your mouse is a nice touch and something that easily pleases me.  You can do this through the provided software once you have installed it on your PC or laptop.  You can make changes to the colours of the lights on the mouse through this software, as well as to the buttons.  Something else that is always a pleasure is the comfort provided.  The mouse fits very comfortably in my hand, and my hands are reasonably small.  There are grooves where you would expect to find grooves, and the added rubberised grip around the main three buttons on the left side of the mouse is a nice touch.


It is easy to access each of the 9 programmable buttons without having to stretch to use them.   Having the ability to store up to two gaming profiles is also a good thing.  I like to use my mouse at quite a high DPI, while my partner likes to use a lower DPI.  Being able to store the separate profiles makes it easier to change between these settings without having to fiddle about with things – it’s literally just a click of a button.  The low friction underside moves over both my desk and mouse mat with minimal effort, making those rapid movements during gameplay easy and smooth.

I have yet to encounter any issues whilst playing any games, to even just using the mouse as a part of everyday use.  My partner has also used it during long gameplay sessions and has absolutely no issues with the mouse at all.


I am someone who spends a large amount of time on the PC for various reasons and for this reason, I like to have as much comfort as possible.  This mouse just adds to the comfort I already have and allows me to stay at the PC for longer intervals without the need for a break.  Whether you are an avid game player or just someone who uses the PC at regular intervals throughout the day, this mouse will definitely do the job.  The comfort that it provides, as well as the ease of setup and use, I can see this mouse becoming a large favourite with many people.

System Requirements:

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
USB Port