Kingston 32 GB DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 G3 Review


I use my fair share of USB drives for different purposes that range from transferring movies, to storing my game saves, to keeping important files on, so I need something that is safe, reliable, and that does the job right the first time.

Today I have the latest USB thumb drive from Kingston Technology for review. This is the Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 G3 32 GB USB thumb drive. As the name suggests, this is a USB 3.0 thumb drive. This drive should support transfer speeds of up to 70MB/s Write and 150MB/s Read, according to the specifications on the packaging. I will, of course, give this a try and will include the results in this review.


The G3 DataTraveler Ultimate is very nice to look at. With its aliminium casing to protect the plastic inside of the drive, it is definitely easy on the eye. It uses slide open and close function to access the USB connector – slide open to be able to plug into the PC, slide closed again when finished. The aluminium casing is not there just for show – it covers the whole device and is thick enough to offer protection from any knocks, bumps, and drops. The cashing covers the thumb drive from corner to corner. At the end of the thumb drive, there is an attractive looking, round shaped Kingston branded link that enables you to attach it to your keychain or a lanyard.


Still on topic of the lanyard/keychain, if you look inside the bundled instruction manual, there is a small keychain included which makes it even easier to attach the thumb drive to your keys, etc.


As I am sure you have realised from the name of this thumb drive, it is best used in a USB 3.0 port. Saying this, it is backwards compatible with USB 2.0, so you can still use it even if you have yet to upgrade to USB 3.0.
As you can see from both images below, this stick performs extraordinarily well, no matter if you are using USB 2.0 or USB 3.0.

(USB 2.0 on the left, USB 3.0 on the right).

kdt3win8   kusb2

You can buy this drive in either a 32GB or 62GB size capacity drive. Both sizes come with a 5 year warranty, which includes free tech support. Personally, I don’t think I have ever contacted tech support for help with a thumb drive issue, but having the option to do so is always a nice touch.

Considering the size, speed and build of this USB thumb drive, I would highly recommend this. No matter if you are a heavy user or casual, this drive will not let you down. This will most definitely be at the top of my list for future purchases.

Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 G3 Features and Specifications:
Capacities: 32 GB, 64 GB
Speed: USB 3.0 up to 150 MB/s Read, 70 MB/s Write
USB 2.0 up to 30 MB/s Read, 20 MB/s Write
USB 3.0 performance: dramatic time savings when transferring large media files; 8x faster than a standard USB 2.0
Durable design: solid metal sliding casing with no cap to lose
Backwards compatibility: usable with USB 2.0 systems with excellent performance throughout
Guaranteed: five-year warranty and free technical support
Dimensions: without key ring: 2.6929″ x 0.8961″ x 0.4567″ (68.40 mm x 22.76 mm x 11.6 mm)
with key ring: 3.3622″ x 0.8961″ x 0.4567″ (85.40 mm x 22.76 mm x 11.6 mm)
Operating Temperature: 32°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C)
Storage Temperature: -4°F to 185°F (-20°C to 85°C)


Roxio Game Capture HD Pro Unboxing


When looking to be able to set something up and get it working straight out of the box, you need something simple and to the point.  This is exactly what you get with the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro.   This device is an external capture device that is powered by USB and also records up to 1080i/p video.  No PCI Express slot is needed as it just plugs into your USB 2.0 and runs from there.


The Roxio Game Capture HD Pro device is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8..

The box itself shows you the actual device through a sturdy plastic cover, with an outer cardboard box that includes all of the specifications, etc.  You can find the system specifications list on the right hand side of the box, on the left hand side of the box you have the Game Capture HD Pro text, while on the top you have the flap to get into the box.

Once inside the box you can pull out the plastic casing that holds the device itself.  It easily comes apart, so no need for scissors and no fiddly packaging.  The device itself is very light to hold, has HDMI and Component in and out connectors, as well as RCA connectors for audio and a USB 2.0 connection port.  Beneath the device in the box you will find the USB cable.  No power cable is required to use this device.

Inside the box at the back, you will find a little pocket that contains a Getting Started Guide and the Roxio Game Capture software CD.


Check back soon for a detailed review on how the device performs.

Elgato Game Capture HD Review (@elgatogaming)


With so many different capture cards to choose from nowadays, my choice over which one to go with wasn’t going to be an easy one. The folk over at Elgato were kind enough to send me one of their Game Capture HD devices, so that made my decision that little bit easier.

After waiting for it to arrive. I couldn’t wait to get it up and running. The packaging that it arrived in was very easy on the eye, with its black, white and blue effects. On the front, side and top of the box there are also to scale images of the device . After cutting off the wrapping, I was eager to see what was in the box.

inthebox   inthebox2


Elgato Game Capture HD device
Quick Start Guide
A 2-meter Mini USB cable
A 1-meter HDMI cable
PlayStation 3 cable

Everything you need to get up and running straightaway (wire wise) is included, so you don’t have to rush out to the shop to get this wire or that adapter. You don’t get the software in the box though – you need to go to the Elgato website, download and install the software before you get up and running. The device itself was very straightforward to setup, which was an added bonus because I have had no previous experience with doing this. Quite simply, you just plug in an HDMI cable from your TV to the device, another HDMI cable from the device to the Xbox 360 and then the Mini-USB cable from the device to the PC/laptop. The device is powered by the USB cable, so there is no clunky power supply laying around. That really is all there is to it. If I can do it, anybody can!

Once you get setup and ready to go, it couldn’t be easier. Fire up the console, start up the software on the PC/laptop, select your Input Device – a choice of Xbox 360, PS3, iPad, iPhone/iTouch, WiiU, and Other. Choose your preferred capture settings from the menu and click the big red Record button – it really is that simple!


To stop the recording, you just click that big red button again. One feature that caught my attention straightaway was the Flashback recording feature. As soon as I started up the Xbox and had the device connected to both the console and the PC, the device starts to record the feed. If you are ever in game and something totally amazing happens and you have forgotten to hit that red button, you can buffer back through the past 60 minutes worth of gameplay and grab the goodness that you thought you had missed – amazing, right?!?


You will notice that once you have named your recordings – you can do this whilst recording – that your videos are arranged based on the name you have given them. This makes it easier to find select videos, rather than having to start up each one to see what it is.

Once you have got your recording, I assume you are going to want to edit it. This is just as simple as working that red button. The software included gives you access to the editing menu which allows you to trim down your clips, and even allows you to snip out a certain part of your gameplay. Just choose where you want it to begin, choose where you want it to end, and hit the snip button. Alternatively, so that you don’t delete something that you would like to keep, right click on the selected video and choose the ‘New Video From Timeline Selection’ . Once you have your selections complete, you can choose what to do with your clip. You can export said clip to a number of places – HDD, YouTube, Facebook, email, or even your iPhone or iPad.


The only two downsides I think are as follows.

There are no manuals included. You would need to access the Elgato website in order to find help with any issues or hurdles that you may come across. This is not something that would put me off purchasing the Elgato game Capture HD though – this is just a small issue and with most people nowadays having access to the internet, I doubt it would bother a large amount of them.

Secondly, you have to disconnect the device via HDMI and reconnect the Xbox directly if you wish to watch TV or anything through the console. I can understand why you have to do this so there is no chance of being able to record TV, etc, but for someone like me who watches a lot of Sky and Netflix, it’s a bit of a pain. Again though, nothing that would put me off purchasing the device.

Best parts of the Elgato Game Capture HD?

That big red button is my first favourite feature. It is so easy to get started – if I can do it, anybody can! Also, the simple export feature is something I really like. Being able to send your video to YouTube or straight to Facebook is great, as well as being able to just download straight to your PC or Apple device.

I have not encountered a single crash or freeze up of the software as yet, and I have been using this A LOT since receiving it.

Having your videos listed by name, rather than by date and file time is very handy. As I said, you have access to your videos at a glance instead of having to remember when you recorded what.

From what I have recorded so far, everything looks amazing – no noticeable stutters on the finished video or anything.

I have included a short video that I had recorded literally straight after setting the device up. I set everything to the highest settings – very best and 1080?, just to see how my PC handled things, and also to see how the device performed. I am happy with the outcome and will leave it here for you to make your own mind up on it. Just to note, I didn’t play around with it for too long in the editor – just trimmed the beginning and end and then uploaded to YouTube.

So all in all, would I buy the Elgato Game Capture HD device if I had a choice.. Most definitely! Since I received the device, I have been recording non-stop, and even uploading on a more regular basis. If you are looking to start or continue recording gameplay, then you need to have this device by your side as you do it.

Please note that the minimum PC/Mac specs for the Elgato Game Capture HD are a 2GHz Dual Core CPU and 4GB of RAM. The PC that I use with the device has a 3.00 GHz Dual Core CPU and 8GB of RAM.

If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment and I will answer it the best that I can.

You can purchase the Elgato Game Capture HD device here at Amazon UK

Mini Tripod Review

See bottom of this page for eBay link and price details.

I initially got this tripod to help me with the video reviews, etc, that I have planned for my YouTube channel. After receiving it, I have found that I can also use it for Skype and video chat.

The tripod itself, for the price it is being offered for, does the job very well. The quality of the tripod is loads better than I initially thought it would be. The resizable arm clips move about freely, enabling you easily adjust the arm to fit whichever device you are wanting to use with the tripod. Once you have the device in place, there is a little bolt on the side that you can loosen so that you can move the holder into the position that you want, and then tighten the same bolt back up to hold it firmly in place.

Due to the size and weight of this tripod, it is very easy to carry around with you if you want to, meaning that you will never miss an opportunity due to having nothing to support your device.


If you are looking for something that is not only light, not bulky, but also good quality and cheap, then I would highly recommend this tripod.

Product description:

High quality
Rotatable tripod stand for mobile phone/digital camera
360 degrees rotation
Lightweight and portable
Fits most mobiles phones and digital cameras

Suitable for different size and thickness phones/digital cameras
Can be rotated to any angle and direction
re-sizeable arm clip to secure your phone/camera
Easy to carry and operate

Colour: Black
Weight: 80gg

You can purchase this exact tripod from “poptasion” on eBay for £4.29 – free postage.


Elgato Game Capture HD Unboxing


Gamers that are looking for a capture device that is simple to set up straight out of the box are greeted with that option with the Elgato Game Capture HD device. The device is an external capture device that is powered by USB and also records up to 1080i video.

You can use it on regular PC computers and Laptops, as well as the Macbook Air.
No PCI Express slot is needed as it just plugs into your USB 2.0 and runs from there. All encoding is done on the device and you can do the editing from the PC editing suite that you download from the Elgato website.

On the outside of the box you are greeted with a nice blue, white and black colour scheme which all fits together very nicely. On the top of the box you have a ‘to scale’ image of the ‘HDMI In’ side of the Elgato device, down the right hand side of the box you get another ‘to scale’ image, this time of the side of the device. On the front of the box, there is an almost ‘to scale’ image of the front of the device.


Once inside the box, you are greeted with an open book style boxing. Under the left hand flap you will find the Quick Start Guide. On the right side flap, the Elgato device is cushioned into it. Once you remove the device, you can pull the flap up and that is where all of the bundled wires are found.


Below is a list of what is included:

A 2-meter Mini USB cable
A 1-meter HDMI cable
PlayStation 3 cables


Check back soon for a detailed review on how the device performs.

Elgato Game Capture HD


I received an Elgato Game Capture HD in the post this morning from the awesome people over at Elgato Gaming.

There will be a review for it over the next week or so.  I don’t want to rush and get one up until I have managed to have a proper play around with it and put it through its paces, so to speak.

This blog post is for me to say a huge thank you to the people over at Elgato for sending me this device to review, I do appreciate it.

I have already managed to get one video recorded and uploaded, but won’t be including it in this blurb.  I will keep that for the review itself.

Stay tuned – when it is finished, it will be posted!

Check out for details on all of their products.


KONG Wobbler Review

Having a dog that can go through a toy in a matter of minutes can be quite a challenge, especially when you have issues finding something that will stand the course of time. Up until I found the KONG products, I didn’t think I would be able to find her anything tht would last.

The kind people over at KONG sent me out a KONG Wobbler Large for my two dogs – a 5 year old German Shepherd and a 5 month old Jack Russell.

The KONG Wobbler keeps to the regular KONG shaped toy design, but is also a feed/treat dispenser at the same time – it has a circle hole on the edge. It comes in two sizes – small and large. The Wobbler stays upright, due to being weighed down in the bottom half by something that has a sandy sound to it when you shake it. The Wobbler can be unscrewed which makes filling, emptying, and cleaning (dishwasher safe), very easy. The Wobbler is made of an FDA food approved, durable, high strength polymer material – not the regular classic KONG toy rubber material – and can hold anywhere up to two cups of dog food, if you were wanting to use this as a feeder. I have yet to use it as a feeder because it would mean giving it to one dog only – this is something that we wouldn’t do.

How to use:

Twist open and separate the top from the bottom
Fill the Wobbler with either food or treats
Twist and reattach the top to hold the treats/food inside
Give to your dog and watch them have fun

Since receiving this KONG, both of my dogs have had non stop fun with it. Watching them trying to figure out why it keeps springing up provides me with more entertainment than it does them, I think. My JR pup enjoys it so much that when we pick it up and put it on the desk late at night because of the noise the dogs make, she jumps up on the PC chair and tries to get on the desk to get at it.

Now obviously, having a big GSD means that she likes to chew. When she tries to chew on the Wobbler, there are teeth marks left behind but because of how well it is made, there are no signs whatsoever of her being able to chew off any pieces, or get right through the Wobbler. This is a major positive in my eyes because of how easily she would get through toys before.

This is something that I would definitely recommend to owners of bigger dogs, especially those that have a habit of going through toys faster than you can buy them. From my own experiences, KONG products are a must have, no matter how big or old your dogs. The products are always of the highest quality and well worth the money.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will reply ASAP.

A HUGE thank you to KONG for sending me the Wobbler out – myself and my dogs appreciate it.

You can find this product along with others on the KONG website: Custom Skin Review & Discount Code

***The kind folk over at Wrappz have given me a 20% off code for you to use against your next order! Just enter the code “haley20″ at the checkout and the discount will be applied!***

Today I am going to be reviewing a Custom Skin that I purchased from the folk over at They are a website that give you the ability to fully create and customise your own phone cases and skins. They have a set list of products that you can make cases/skins for, which I will list at the end of this review.

The premium vinyl skin that I have for this review is one for the iPhone 4/4S model. I was able to choose my own design for this skin, so I went with a basic lime green colour. This was my first time designing a skin and really didn’t know what I wanted to have, so decided to just go with my favourite colour. When creating my design, it was very straightforward to do and the steps were very clear to follow.

When the skin arrived, it was in a white envelope and the contents were as follows:

Hard cardboard insert
Phone Skin – in 3 parts
3 x £5 Gift Certificates
Invoice – on the back of the invoice were the instructions that show you how to apply the skin to your phone.

When I removed the skin from the envelope, I was pleased to find the hard cardboard insert. This was included to stop any folds and creases from getting in the skin during transit. The quality and colour of the skin was excellent – very crisp and clear, and looked exactly like it did in the preview when I designed the skin.

The skins are made from a a 3M material that allows for the skins to easily be applied to your device and then easily removed and allowing you to use them over and over again. This comes in handy if the skin is not on straight when you first apply it – you can just remove and re-apply it again and again, until you are happy with it. Because of the material that are used when making this skin, you will be able to apply it and end up having no air bubbles at the end of the process.

The skin comes in 3 pieces – the back, and two separate pieces for the top and bottom parts of the phone. The back part includes the holes needed for the camera lens and the flash, and the front has holes for the speaker, front facing camera and home button. Before applying the front sections, I chose to put on a fresh screen protector so that the screen was nicely protected, as well as the phone – they actually work very well together!





The range of skins that are available range from iPhones to laptops to cameras to hockey sticks. You would have to check out their site at for the full range. The prices start from £7.99GBP + postage, so nothing too extravagant price wise.

In my opinion, the Custom Skins that you can purchase from the guys at Wrappz are a must have if you want to give your device a unique and fashionable look. They will most definitely be my first choice from now on!

***Giveaway in progress!!

Head over to my review of the Custom Hard Case from for details on how to win a £5 GC to use against any of the products on the Wrappz website. Ends Monday.

KONG Wobbler

Today’s postal delivery saw me welcoming in a new toy for my dogs!  The amazing people over at KONG Company sent me out a  Large KONG Wobbler.  I will have a review for this done in a week or so, when my dogs have had a chance to put it through its paces properly.  So far though, they are both loving it!

Big thanks to the folks over at KONG Company for sending me this out, I appreciate it!

kwim Custom Phone Case Review and Discount Code

***The kind folk over at Wrappz have given me a 20% off code for you to use against your next order! Just enter the code “haley20” at the checkout and the discount will be applied!***

Also, I have used a black iPhone 4 for the purposes of this review. My white iPhone has currently got a skin applied to it from that I will be doing a separate review for.


Today I am going to be reviewing a Custom Hard Case that I received from the lovely people over at They are a website that give you the ability to fully create and customise your own phone cases and skins. They have a set list of products that you can make cases/skins for, which I will list at the end of this review.

The Custom Hard Case that I have for review is one for the iPhone 4/4S model. I was able to choose my own design and have it the way I wanted it, so I chose the logo for XBLGamerHub and included my Twitter ID on it also. The design itself is one that wraps around the whole of the case, not just across the back. This was something that appealed to me because I had owned so many that either had to be one solid colour, or it only had the design/image on the actual back and not the edges. You can see from the images how easy it is to create the design, and also how the design itself is applied to the full case.


If you do not want to use your own image, you can use from the large amount of images and slogans that are included on the website. There is most definitely something for everyone.

I ordered the case on Tuesday afternoon and received it on Thursday morning. It arrived in a white jiffy bag and the package contents were as follows:

Phone Case in a zip lock bag.
3 x £5 Gift Certificates
Invoice – on the back of the invoice are the instructions required for when you apply a SKIN to your phone. The instructions aren’t important in this review because I have the case and not the skin (separate review coming shortly).


When I removed the case from the zip lock bag, I was instantly impressed at how the image did actually go from edge to edge. The quality of the image on the case was also very good, as was the build of the case itself. It feels very sturdy, does not bend easy and is a very snug fit on my phone. You have the usual access hole for the volume controls and mute switch, as well as the gap in the bottom of the case for you to plug in your charger and the hole for the camera and flash on the back. Another great thing about this case is the fact that I don’t have to remove it to use my docking station, unlike some other cases that I have had before.

The case itself is also light, so it doesn’t add any unwanted weight to the phone, as well as no unwanted bulkiness. The cases themselves are fmade rom high grade hard polymer.

The list of devices that they currently cover are as follows:

iPhone 3 – 4 – 4S – 5
Samsung Galaxy Ace – S – SII – SIII – Note & Note 2
Blackberry Curve 8520 – Bold 9700 & 9900
HTC Desire

iPad 2 – 3

iPod Touch 4th Gen

The prices start from £18.97GBP + Postage.

For the price you pay, the quality is awesome, the images are very clear and crisp – depending on how clear the image that you upload is – and the case fits very well.

I will definitely be using them again when I need to replace my case, or even when I fancy something different.

Giveaway Details:

Purchase your Custom Cases & Skins at