KitSound iD Headphones – Review (@KitSoundUK)

If I am honest, I had not heard of KitSound until a few months ago and I have to admit, I was really looking forward to receiving a pair of their iD headphones to review.  I was asked what colour I would like and I simply replied “surprise me”.  I had the green pair arrive, which I was pretty happy about as green is my favourite colour!

The box that the headphones arrived in is pretty minimalistic.  The colour scheme of the inside of the box, which is visible through the window matched up with the colour of the headphones, so it all fit together rather well.  The text on the front of the box provides the information that you would more than likely like to know before buying the headphones – there is a microphone and control button, an adjustable headband, and earcups that swivel.  The back of the box shows information about the iD headphones, as well as box contents, and a list of features and specifications.

Upon removing the headset from the box, I was impressed with how lightweight the headphones were.  I also noticed that the 1.2m cable is the same green colour as the headphones – I really like the fact that everything matches so that nothing looks out of place.  This cable does attach to both earcups, rather than just one or the other.  Also, the earcups contain the KitSound brand logo, as well as the L & R so you know which way around they go.  On the cable is also a multi function button and in-line microphone which makes handling phone calls and volume control so much easier when in use.  A list of specifications will be included at the bottom of this review.


Comfort wise, the iD headphones are easy to wear for long periods of time.  There have been a couple of occasions that I have forgotten that I have had them on, mostly because of how lightweight they are.  The earcups themselves have a very soft padding to them so that they do not start to cause discomfort on the ears when in use.  The downside to the earcups having 40mm drivers is that they will be quite small for some peoples ears.  Luckily, mine are reasonably small so I didn’t have an issue with them.  The headband also contains an area of nice padding which contributes to the comfort factor.  It is worth mentioning that the padding on both the earcups and headband is also green, which again ties in nicely with the whole colour scheme of the headphones.

Sound quality wise, I didn’t notice any distortion or tinniness.  When it came to the bass side of things, there is room for improvement.  It would have been nice to have a button or switch that could be used to increase the amount of bass for certain songs.  Saying this though, the bass that there is did do the job, albeit noticeable depending on the song in question.  The in-line microphone picked up my voice well and I was informed that I came through crystal clear on the other end of the phone call.

Would I part with my money to get a pair of these KitSound iD headphones?  Considering that they can be picked up for around £19.99 GBP on Amazon UK, and due to the fact that they are available in a large variety of colours, I would definitely pick up a pair of these – both for me or as a gift.


Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity: 105 dB
Drivers: 40 mm
Cable length: 1.2 m
Speaker magnet: NdFeb
Jack plug: 3.5 mm


Sandberg Play ‘n Go Headset – Review

The Sandberg Play ‘n Go headset offers hands free and portable entertainment.  Hopefully it will be able to live up  to expectations.

The headset itself arrives in a see through packaging which allows you to see it in all its glory.  The front of the box shows us that the headset folds up to make carrying it easier and also that it has a detachable cable.  The back of the box lists some information about the headset.  This information is also listed in several different languages.

Removing the headset was reasonably easy once I had figured out how to undo the fastening on the top of the box – a users problem through, to be fair.  The headset itself is sat in a plastic sleeve to help keep it secure whilst packaged.  It is just a case of lifting it out once removed from the box.  Also in the box are the cables required for use with your phone and also for the PC. The 3.5 to 3.5mm jack cable measure in at around 160cm and the cable that plugs into the PC to connect the headset to measures in at roughly 70cm.


The headset itself feels a bit on the light side but does feel well made.  The headband is fully adjustable and seems to be able to expand enough to fit larger heads.  The headband itself is nicely padded to offer comfort during use.  The ear cups are also well padded and fit over my ears very well.  The only slight issue I have is that after several uses, the headband looks as if it may be coming away from the padding.  You can see it slightly in the image above.   The silver sections on the side of the ear cups is a nice touch as it helps to break up the white colour scheme.  Wearing the headset for extended periods of time does not result in any discomfort either.  I think with the headset being so light (300g roughly) and also with the ear cups fitting over my ears so well, this helps keeps things comfortable.

Sound quality when using the headset for phone calls is very clear and crisp and I have been told that I can be heard clearly too.  Music wise, the sound quality is surprisingly good, especially when you consider the low pricing of this headset.  Using the headset on the PC is pretty straightforward.  Just plug-in the 3.5mm splitter cable into the relevant ports on the PC and plug-in the main cable to the extender cable.  It works fine with Skype and other voice chat programs, again with sound quality being great on both sides.

I really do like this headset.  With it being so lightweight and comfortable, as well as the great sound quality, it is well worth the price that you pay for it.  The only downside, as mentioned, is the slight separation between the headband and the padding.