OSO U-Grip Mount – Review

When it comes to driving around and relying on my phone to provide me with the music I need, a reliable mount is a must-have.  I tend to just start up the music from my phone and leave it sat in the compartment above my glove box – not always a good move.  The OSO U-Grip is something that I was sent out to review and I have to admit, I was looking forward to using it, even though I was worried about my phone taking a plunge.

Packaging wise, the mount arrived in a nice white box that contained several images of the mount, as well as a list of features, such as being able to mount all smartphones with screens up to 5 inches wide.  The mount itself comes in 2 separate pieces – the suction part of the mount and the phone cradle part which are reasonably easy to connect together – I was up and running in no time.  It’s simply a case of clipping the phone cradle to the window mount part using the ball attachment that is tightened using a fastener that is attached.  Also included in the box is a small round piece that you can stick to your dashboard to provide a smooth surface to attach the mount to, if you are intending on using the dash rather than the window.


When it comes to putting your phone into the mount, it’s pretty simple.  You edge apart the two sides of the phone cradle and slide your phone into place, and do the same again to remove it.  One thing I find really handy with this mount is that I can use my phone with it without having to remove it from its protective case beforehand.  Once my phone was in place, it was easy enough to move loosen the cradle section and maneuver the phone into the position that I wanted it in and then tighten it back up again.  Having the freedom to move things about as required is very welcomed because it enables you to use your phone for music, recording videos, hands-free calls, etc.

Attaching the mount to the car windscreen was an easy task.  All I had to do was remove the film from the suction part of the mount, place it on the window where I wanted to put it, and push the small lever down to create the suction that holds it in place.  Once it is in place on the window, I tried using some force to loosen things – this didn’t work.  Even after driving around a bit, things were still as secure as they were when first attached.  In order to remove the mount again, you release the lever and use the small tab to gently peel the mount off of the window.  It is worth mentioning that once you remove the film from the suction part, there is already a large amount of tackiness there.  This helps to hold the mount in position even more and if it does happen to get covered in dust, for example, you can clean it by using some cellotape.

Overall, I am VERY impressed with this mount.  It not only holds my phone in place securely, it also allows me to get more out of my phone whilst travelling – not that I use it while actually driving.  Considering that you can pick this mount up for around £17.50 GBP on Amazon UK, or £17.99 direct from the OSO Mount website, it’s a small price to pay to keep things secure while driving.


be.ez LA cover Allure iPhone 5 Case – Review (@beezbags)

Having something high quality to protect your phone is a must nowadays.  There are cases available from a very large range of suppliers, but do they all do the job as they should..

The be.ez LA Cover Allure iPhone 5 case arrived in very minimal packaging.  A simple transparent plastic window on the front of the box that gives you a view of the case before buying it, whilst on the back of the packaging you get a list of features, provided in several different languages.


The case itself is made from a high quality plastic which is not only very lightweight, but also very durable.  The case has all of the right holes in all of the right places.  The edges of the case are transparent so that the case looks as minimalistic as possible, while still providing the protection required for your phone.  I actually quite like the transparent sides as it looks as if only the back and a slight amount of the phone edge is covered.  I did find that I still had an ample amount of grip on the case and did not come close to dropping it even once (YES!).  The case itself is also easy to put on your phone and just as easy to remove it again.

The design on the case is actually pretty nice.  The case is not overly bright and is from the LA cover Allure range of phone cases so is available in various colours – something for everyone, I am sure.  The case os sturdy, minimal, and does the job that you would expect of it really well.  Overall, I really do like it and would definitely purchase another one from this range.

MOFRED iPhone 4/4S Screen Protector – Review (@MofredProducts)

Protecting your expensive possessions from scratches and damage is something that is most likely top of everyone’s list. You need a product that can do the job expected of it without having to pay through the nose for it.

I recently received a pack of 6 x MOFRED iPhone 4/4S screen protectors to review. Packaging wise, things are kept minimal. A simple plastic bag type package with the MOFRED branding and a list of features, including anti-glare, dust repellent, and scratch-proof.  The back of the packaging shows how to attach the protector to your screen, as well as some product information and a list of features.


When it came to applying the screen protector, it really couldn’t have been simpler. You just remove the film that covers the screen side and apply it to your screen, after cleaning it thoroughly first with the included microfibre cloth, and attach it to the screen. If when you apply it first of all you find there are bubbles, it is easy enough to remove and reapply. Luckily I did not encounter this issue but I am glad that it is easily rectified if and when it does happen.  Once the main part is attached to the screen, simply pull off the front film.  You can use the included piece of MOFRED branded card to press out any small bubbles that may occur.

The screen protectors themselves are nice and smooth and although they are thick enough to protect the iPhone screen, they are not too thick to cause any issues when using the screen. Using the screen with a protector applied, it is still nice and responsive, as you would hope it would be.  As it says on the front of the packaging, the protector that I applied to my phone has not been scratched in any way, and I have not had an issue with unwanted fingerprints.

For the price you pay for these, you are not only provided with the screen protectors, but also piece of mind that your iPhone is protected from any and all unwanted scratches and marks.

League of Legends Collector’s Edition Razer Goliathus Mouse Mat – Review (@Razer)

Having all the tools you need to gain an edge in games such as League of Legends is a must nowadays.  I have checked out the Razer Naga Hex LoL Collector’s Edition Mouse and now I will be checking out the Razer Goliathus Mouse Mat.


First up is the packaging.  As with all Razer products, the box contains oodles of information regarding the mat.  From information regarding the anti-fraying stitched frame, to the circular hole on the side of the box for you to touch the mat through, everything you need to know can be found on the box.  The front of the box shows a League of Legends game image along with the Razer Goliathus branding, while the rear of the box gives us a list of specs and dimensions of the mat, available in a large range of languages.

Removing the mat from the box, I could instantly feel the high quality.  Unrolling the mat I was greeted with a nice, high resolution portrait related to League of Legends.  The mat is very well made and as mentioned on the box itself, the stitched edge is obviously something that is not going to come apart any time soon, enabling you to use the mat as much as you like whilst not having to worry about the edges starting to fray.  The The rubber on the bottom of the mat offers a high level of grip that prevents it from moving around during the intense and fast paced moments whilst gaming.  The mat is big enough to give you a large area to move the mouse about without getting to the edge at the most awkward of times and the mouse coming off, meaning that you have to move it back again, taking your concentration away from the game you are playing.


Now while this mat is very nice to look at and also goes very well with the LoL Naga Hex mouse, I can’t help but feel that the mouse functions well enough on its own without the need to add the mat.  Saying this, it does provide a decent surface for you to use your mouse on, with its cloth weaving which provides unbridled speed and excellent gaming accuracy.  As usual, Razer have produced a very high quality product, and  I would prefer my set-up to be complete so I would definitely add the mat to my desk.  You can pick this mouse mat up for around £18.00 GBP on Amazon UK

League of Legends Collector’s Edition Razer Naga Hex – Review (@Razer)

When playing your favourite PC games, you want a mouse that is going to be able to function to the best of its ability.  The more buttons the better, and something that is going to be comfortable to use for extended periods of time.  Does the League of Legends Collector’s Edition of the Razer Naga Hex live up to these standards?

First things first – the packaging.  I have always been impressed with how detailed and eye catching the Razer packaging is and the packaging for this mouse is no different.  The front shows a detailed image of the mouse itself, as well some information including how the mouse has been optimised for MOBA/Action RPG games, and that Razer Synapse 2.0 is usable with this mouse.  The front of the box is held closed with a velcro fastening mechanism which, when opened, shows the Razer Naga Hex in all its glory.  The sides of the box show some more information relating to the mouse, and the back shows the mouse features, as well as listing them in several different languages.


Once inside the box, the mouse is held inside plastic packaging which is very easy to remove.  Also included is a black Razer branded envelope that contains all of the relevant manuals and information, as well as a character class code for the League of  Legends game.  Removing the mouse was very easy to do and in no time it was out and ready to be used.  The mouse sports a nicely braided cable, a gold plated USB connector, and has 6 buttons on the left hand-side in a hexagonal layout, the mouse scroll wheel on top, two small buttons to the rear of the wheel and obviously, the two main mouse buttons, which are hyper-sensitive.  In the middle of the 6 button layout is a thumb rest so you have somewhere to place your thumb when not using these buttons – a very nice touch as it is also gripped to stop any sliding about.  You get two additional thumb rests in different sizes that you can change if you wish.  Something else that should be mentioned is the eye catching yellow lights that light up the buttons, scroll wheel, and the League of Legends logo on the part of the mouse that sits in your hand.  This looks very fresh in the dark, and you also have the option to disable any and all of the lights if you wish.

All buttons on the mouse, apart from Left Click, are programmable once Razer Synapse 2.0, which is a dream to use, has been downloaded from the Razer website and installed.  Any and all settings that you make to the mouse will be available on any computer that you download & install Synapse on, if you would like to use your mouse, thanks to Razer’s cloud based driver software.  An email and password is required when setting up for the first time, but this is a small step when you realise you do not have to programme your mouse whenever you move between PC’s, etc.


The mouse itself really is beautiful to look at.  There are grooves and moulds in all the right places that add nothing but comfort to the overall use of mouse.  It is easy to sit here for hours using this mouse without getting hand cramp due to the well placed grooves for your hand and fingers.  The texture of the mouse also adds to this.  Your hand does not slide off of the mouse during use, due to the design of the mouse.  It is pretty easy for myself to use the 6 side buttons on the mouse, but my hands are pretty small.  I am not sure how someone with larger hands would get on using these buttons as it may result in the user having to move their hand to access the buttons – probably not the easiest thing to do whilst in the middle of a high paced game.  The same can be said for the two buttons found to the base of the scroll wheel – I cannot guess how a person with bigger hands than myself would get on using these in fast paced situations.  Again, I had no issues but I only have small hands.

I do have one slight annoyance with this mouse, although I am sure I would get used to it if I were to persevere.  Because I am not used to so many side buttons, I often find my thumb moving form the thumb rest and hitting the numbered buttons, unintentionally.  I am sure that people that are used to accessing so many buttons at once would not find this an issue, but I felt it should be at least mentioned.


The Razer Naga Hex: League of Legends Collector’s Edition is a very nice mouse and does what you would expect of it.  The quality is high, something that everyone who has ever tried a Razer product, would come to expect.  You can pick this mouse up from Amazon UK at the price of around £78.00 GBP.  If I could afford it, I would be honoured to have this mouse present on my PC desk.

be.ez LA robe Allure Special Edition iPad Mini Case – Review (@beezbags)

Nowadays, it is a must for us to have something reliable and high quality to protect our gadgets.  Something that can do the job that is expected of it without causing any unnecessary damage is usually top of the list.  Today, I have the LA Robe Allure Special Edition iPad Mini case from be.ez to review.  It is worth mentioning from the off that be.ez do sell a large variety of bags and cases, so head over and see if they have something that will suit your needs.

The iPad Mini case is packaged in a plastic sleeve that only sports the company logo and the name of the product.  This is very welcomed because it allows you to get a clear view of the product from the outside of the packaging so you can clearly see what it is that you are getting.  The back of the packaging, there is a list of specifications – these specifications are available in 12 different languages, including English.  Attached to the top of the packaging is a small piece of material that the case is made from so that you can feel before you buy.

Getting in to the packaging couldn’t have been easier.  It was a case of just unzipping the top of the plastic to be able to access the case itself.  The case slid out as it should, without causing any damage to the packaging or the product itself.  First impressions of the case were very good.  The case feels very high quality and everything has a seamless finish to it.


Along the top of the case there is the black zip that is used to hold the iPad in the case.  This is actually quite a nice looking thick zip and not one of the flimsy styled zips that would break easily.  The handle of the zip is not only bigger than your standard zip handle, but also thicker, which makes getting the case opened and closed very easy, especially for those with bigger hands.  The zip itself works with minimal effort.  The be.ez logo is also present on the handle of the zip.  The case itself sports the same material found on the tester piece on the outside of the case, and also have the be.ez logo on the bottom corner of the case.

The material that the case is made from is Low Resistance Polyurethane (LRP) and is 5mm thick.  The material itself can withstand the pressure that you apply to it and within a few moments, it reforms back to its original shape.  An easier way to explain it is like memory foam – press it and it moulds to you and then takes its original shape again.

The inside of the case feels very soft to touch and I feel very confident that the case could hold your iPad Mini without causing any scratches.  Going by the size of the case, you should also be able to put your iPad Mini inside this case with a hard case or cover attached.  Saying this, cases that add quite a bit of extra bulk may not fit.


Overall, I am very impressed by this case.  The durability of the LRP material is definitely something that will help to protect your iPad Mini, as is the soft material on the inside of the case.  Judging by what I have seen so far, this case should also last a long while and keep its shape, in turn providing your device with protection and setting your mind at ease.  I would highly recommend this be.ez case to anyone and everyone.