iVisionwear Computer Glasses – Review (@VCeyewear)

I have been interested in getting a pair of computer glasses for a little while now, especially considering the amount of time I spend on my PC and laptop but could never justify the pricetag of them. When the kind people over at VC Eyewear agreed to send me a pair from their iVisionwear range to use and review, I was more than happy to take them up on their offer.

On their website you will find four different categories for their glasses – Computer Eyed, iVisionwear, Gamers Edge, and Go Green! Readers.

I tend to get headaches pretty bad when I have been in front of the monitor for long periods of time, so my online time has been somewhat limited of late. I have had the chance to use these glasses for a couple of weeks.

When I first received the glasses they came in a black box with a clear plastic front.


Through the clear plastic front packaging you can see the glasses themselves. On the box you have the iVisionWear logo beside the clear plastic, and a list of what the glasses are made to help with. On the side of the box you have a list of devices that the glasses are designed to be used with and on the back, a more detailed and in-depth list of what the glasses are made for and their features.

iVisionwear Eyewear Features:

iEdge Enhanced Lens

  • Increases visual comfort and acuity
  • Provides UVA/UVB protection
  • Relaxes the eye
  • Eliminates dry, irritated eyes
  • Improves visual focus and performance
  • Clearer screen resolution
  • Experience more enjoyable screen viewing

iEdge Lens Filter Technology

  • Reduces digital glare, eliminates harmful ultraviolet artificial light rays
  • Prevents eye fatigue
  • Increases visual efficiency and focus

iEdge Specially Formulated Lens Tint

  • Eliminates light frequencies annoying to the eye
  • Provides superior contrast
  • Increases visual functionality and comfort

Optical Quality Frame:

  • Light weight, comfort fit for all day viewing, comes with eyeglass case
  • Comes with eyeglass case that can be used for lens cleaning

When you pull out the clear plastic insert from the box you will find the glasses sat between two pieces of plastic – which has a grey cardboard insert beneath them – and also a case to keep the glasses in. First impressions of the glasses are that they look very nice indeed with their silver metal frame and slightly yellow tinted lenses. The glasses themselves are very light and adjust easily enough when putting them on for the first time.


When I first started using the glasses I found that I kept getting distracted by the frame being visible, due to the lense not being overly wide. This is something that I did get used to very quick, so was no longer a problem. When wearing the glasses they were very light and comfortable to wear, especially for longer periods of time.

When looking at the monitor it did take a bit of time to get used to seeing things with a slight yellowy tint. Once my eyes had adjusted though, I can’t really complain about them. I have suffered with less headaches and my eyes have been watering a lot less since wearing them which means I get to spend more time on my PC – which can’t be a bad thing, right?


I know these are Computer Glasses so them not really doing the job when playing on my Xbox or PS3 is something that I was expecting, so I cannot complain about that.

Overall, for the price that you can get these glasses for ($39.99) you can’t really go wrong. Sure, you can spend quite a bit more money on a pair from a different brand and use those, but I am more than happy with these. I am kinda tempted to get myself a pair of the Gamers Edge glasses from their website, just to see how they measure up to their iVisionwear range when it comes to console gaming. If you are looking for a decent pair of PC glasses that aren’t going to set you back a lot of money then give these a try.


**Giveaway Winner Post** Let’s Fish! Hooked On T-Shirt (UK) and PS Vita Game Code (US & Canada) (@LetsFishGame)

Hey guys!

Firstly, a massive thank you to everyone who participated in this giveaway.  I would also like to welcome all of my newest followers.

Now for the reason you are really here – the lucky winner of the ‘Let’s Fish! Hooked On’ t-shirt.  (Big thanks to @LetsFishGame for supplying the t-shirt AND game code for this giveaway!)

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Again, massive thanks to everyone who took part and retweeted – it is appreciated.  Also, stay tuned because I have another giveaway coming up as soon as I reach 600 followers!

N-Control Avenger Elite 360 – Review (@NControlAvenger)

When you first look at the Avenger Elite 360, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that it looks like a complicated bit of kit.  That was exactly how I thought when I received it and opened it up.  Now that I have used it a fair few times, my thoughts have changed.


The box that the Avenger comes in is pretty nice to look at.  The box itself has a cardboard sleeve covering it.  On the front of the sleeve you are greeted with an image of the Avenger, a list of the main features that it provides and a comment about the product from G4.  On one side of the box you will find a list of comments from different companies & brands, and on the other side you will find instructions on how to fit the Avenger to your Xbox 360 controller.  Lastly, on the back of the box you will find a diagram of the Avenger.  Once you remove the sleeve you will find a black box with “The Avenger: The Ultimate Gaming Advantage” on two of the four sides.  Along with that there is also some smaller text that includes the N-Control Avenger website URL and a list of what is in the box.

In the box you will find the Avenger Unit, Instruction Manual and a piece of black foam that protects the unit while in transit.

When I first removed the Avenger from the box I was greeted by handles, levers and buttons – all of which I had a rough idea of what they did, but it didn’t stop it from looking like a beast.  The device itself is very light to hold which surprised me.  I was expecting it to have weight to it, especially considering all of the bits and bobs attached to it.  The levers link to the X, Y and B buttons, and you have the hair trigger kit on the back which are fully adjustable.  These make it easier to reach and use the triggers while playing.  The levers for the buttons are also adjustable with screwable caps that you can tighten or loosen to make the buttons either more or less reactive when using them.  The device itself opens from the bottom using a small clip that you press in to open and clip back shut again when your controller is in place.


When it came to fitting my controller to the device it was very straightforward.  Just unclip the device at the bottom which allows you to swing it open, place the controller inside and lower the top half back shut again.  You can only put the controller in one way – once the device is open, the battery slots into the back of the Avenger and sits very snug inside with no movement from the controller once in place.  Once you have the controller in place and the device clipped shut, you can make any adjustments to the buttons and triggers that you would like to make.  This is very easy to do, so no chance of getting lost or confused.  After everything is set up, you will be able to use the levers and trigger, leaving you only having to press the A button if and when you need to.

Once I was set up and ready to go, I created a custom match so that I could play with a few people until I had got the hang of what lever did what.  There’s nothing worse than going into a game, trying to chance weapons instead of reloading and ending up lying on the floor because of hitting the wrong thing.  It took me around 4 full games to get the hang of what did this and that – this was quite quick for me.  I can now use the Avenger with ease and in a way, it would be hard for me to go back to using the regular controller without the device attached.

The only two downsides that I could see were that if I wanted to use my regular controller, I would have to remove my Squid Grip’s first and also remove and reattach my Kontrol Freek’s.  This was too much hassle for me and not to mention that it would have been a waste of a perfectly good pair of Squid Grip’s so I had to settle for my other controller.  I know that these issues are relevant to everyone but I also know that many people use these awesome bits of kit on their controllers so had to mention it.

Do not let that put you off buying the Avenger Elite from N-Control.  It does help once you are used to it and you should definitely see an improvement after a few games.  It is available for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers and if you are interested in seeing more about the device, check out their website here.

Breffo Spiderpodium – Review (@BreffoInc)

I have something a little different for you today.  The awesome people over at Breffo were kind enough to send me out one of their Spiderpodium‘s for the iPhone 4/4S for review.

The box that the Spiderpodium comes in is not overcrowded with a lot of colour or images.  It is straight to the point – something that not many companies do.  On the front of the box you have the Breffo branding in the top corner, a short description of what the product is, an image of an iPhone being held in the Spiderpodium in the car – instead of using a Sat Nav stand, the Breffo website link, a ‘Made for iPhone’ message, and a small diagram showing a quick way to get the Spiderpodium into position to hold your phone up.  You also have a clear plastic window giving you a slight preview of the product so that you can see the product, as well as the colour you are getting.  On the sides you have the Breffo logo again, you also have the Breffo website link on one side along with a scanable QR code, and on the other side it says “Spiderpodium Gadget Grip”.  On the back of the box it gives you a list of the Spiderpodium features, including Portable, Lightweight & Strong, and British designed and made.  You also have several images showing you the different environments that you could use the Spiderpodium in.  Finally, along the bottom you will find their social network links.


The box is one that you pull open from either the top or bottom.  I opened mine from the top and pulled out the Spiderpodium.  It was held in place by a cardboard insert that had the product wrapped around it.  After ‘unwrapping’ the legs of the product it came off very easily.  First touch of the product was very nice indeed.  It is a very high quality ‘SoftTouch’ rubber coat with a lot of grip which is coating a premium grade British steel.  The 8 legs have several grooves on each one which helps them to be very maneuverable and bend into any position.  It has a center plate that you rest the back of your device against which includes the Breffo logo branding on both sides, so there is no wrong way to use the product.  The center plate also has a chunk missing from the middle.


Now that I have it unboxed and ready for use, my iPhone was ready to jump straight on in, so to speak.  I bent the two bottom legs around so the phone could sit inside them, the next two up were bent around to prop it up from the desk.  The next two I bent around slightly to stop the phone falling out from either side and the top two I just left poking out of the top.  You can obviously move these however you would like to to make things more secure if you wish.  The center section with the chuck missing from the middle that I mentioned above has plenty of space for you to thread the iPhone charger cable through if you need to.  If you were to position things correctly, you shouldn’t have an issue using your charger whilst using this product.


I have to admit, I am very impressed with how my phone sits in the Spiderpodium.  It is still very accessible and the screen is in no way restricted so it is still usable.  It stands up really well off of the desk and the phone feels very secure and steady inside the wiry legs.  It doesn’t look out of place on my desk either.  If anything, it looks tidier having it sat back out of the way instead of laid down next to my keyboard or getting in the way of my mouse.

Because of the SoftTouch rubber coat I would image it would be safe to use this product pretty much anywhere, as long as you secure your phone properly first of course.  It is small enough and wraps up well enough for you to be able to take it out and about with you too.  You could use it in a car, on a flight, on a train – just a few examples.  Now as I mentioned above it does say on the box ‘Made for iPhone’ but you can also use it with pretty much all smartphones, as well as other similar size devices, such as MP3 players, etc.  Breffo do sell the Spiderpodium for a large range of different products, so you are sure to find one for whatever use you have for it.


Overall, I think the Spiderpodium from Breffo is well worth the £14.99 that you can buy it for on their website here (in the UK).  From looking at their site, you can change the country from the drop down menu at the top and see what the price is for the country that you currently reside.  All of their products are also available in a large range of colours, so definitely something to suit everyone’s taste.

I would like to thank the guys over at Breffo for sending this out for me to review.  If you have any questions, comments, and/or suggestions please leave a comment below and I will get back to you ASAP.

Infected Audio Headset – Review (@InfectedAudio)

Please click here for the unboxing video.

Here is the video review for the Infected Audio Headset.

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If you have any questions, comments and/or suggestions, please either leave a comment on this blog post or over in the comments section on the video.

**Giveaway** Let’s Fish! Hooked On T-Shirt (UK) and PS Vita Game Code (US & Canada) (@LetsFishGame)

As announced a couple of days ago, I have been lucky enough to obtain a couple of bits from the amazing people over at @LetsFishGame.

Up for grabs this time is one of their ‘Let’s Fish! Hooked On’ t-shirts (UK), as well as a copy of Let’s Fish! Hooked On for the PS Vita (US & Canada).


For this giveaway you have to be following both myself @TootieTazzy and @LetsFishGame on Twitter (I will be checking 🙂 ).  Just click the red names and it will take you to the correct Twitter profiles.  Once you are following us both, just tweet the correct message for your country, UK or US & Canada.

UK tweet the following:

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***IMPORTANT: The code for the PS Vita version of Let’s Fish! Hooked On will only work on a US compatible Vita, hence why the UK is not included that part of the giveaway.  If you enter from the UK and win, the game will not work for you.

This giveaway will stay open Until Wednesday evening UK time.  I will post the finishing time in advance.  The winner will be chosen and announced by Thursday evening at the latest.

Good luck everyone!  If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Dollar Dash – XBLA – Review


When I first got around to firing up Dollar Dash, the latest offering from Kalypso Media, to say it was not what I was expecting is an understatement.  I thought I was going to be getting a game where I would have to use my unused brain cells to plan the master of all bank robberies.  I am happy to report that you do not have to be a mastermind to play this game!

First look at the game had me thinking that it wouldn’t grasp my attention for any long period of time because it looked and played very basic.  After playing for a little while, it has kept me interested and playing, eager for the next game to get my revenge on my enemies, both human players and AI.

Story wise, there isn’t one.  It’s just a group of four bank robbers trying to swindle the other out of the booty they are collecting throughout the maps.  You can pick up power-ups and perks while playing, as well as unlocking perks, disguises and other things throughout the game as you earn money from your bank heists.  Power-ups include snowballs, rockets, bombs, floor traps and fire – all of which you use against your opponents.  You also have the power-ups that can heal you, act as a shield, make you invisible, and speed you up – all of which come in handy when trying to get the upper hand.  The choice of maps are varied, giving you a nice choice to go with so the chances of getting bored after a few games are slim.


There are three game modes to choose from.  Dollar Dash, which is the mode that has you running about the map like a loon trying to pick up the cash and hoard it until you can deposit it in the getaway van, which isn’t always available.  There is a large chance that you will have oodles of cash in your swag bag and end up losing it at the last minute!  Hit and Run mode is kind of self explanatory – you only earn money when you manage to knock your opposing players out whilst also avoiding getting bashed about yourself.  Lastly, Save the Safe mode has you running around trying to capture a safe.  Once captured, keep hold of it for as long as possible as this is what earns you money.  Opponents will be chasing you around trying to knock you out so that they can steal the safe for themselves.

Because of the birds-eye view over the map, it can sometimes be a little tough keeping track of where your character is, especially in situations where all four players are attacking each other in a heap, but that is something that can happen in any game.  Each character is surrounded by a circle in their corresponding colour, so this does reduce the confusion a little – very helpful, trust me.

Dollar Dash is a game that is aimed very much at multiplayer, but it does not restrict you to just playing online.  You do have the ability to play local games so you can have a few friends round for some madness or sit with the family and try to outsmart each other.  Even if you don’t fancy playing with other people, you have the option to just play against AI player.  I do like this option as there are times when I just want to sit and play a few games of something when I have rare moments of peace and quiet.

You will notice that in order to unlock extras, you will need to earn as much cash as possible.  You earn it by stealing it – the more you steal, the more you can unlock in the upgrades, perks and disguises section.  There are upgrades available that allow you to increase the size of your swag bag, which allows you to carry more money in-game, as well as others.


I am not too sure about the longevity of Dollar Dash but for the time being, it is a lot of fun to play – even moreso when you are playing with friends or family.  Personally, I wouldn’t pay 800MSP for it either.  This is one of those games that I would wait to be Deal of the Week before buying it.  I am sure there are plenty of people out there who would enjoy this and definitely get their moneys worth out of it.

Upcoming giveaway courtesy of @LetsFishGame

Just a quick post for you today.

I spoke to the kind people over at @LetsFishGame earlier this evening and they have been kind enough to provide a couple of bits for yet another giveaway.

For the UK folk, we have another one of their snazzy t-shirts.  For the US and Canada, they have donated a code for a digital download copy of Let’s Fish! Hooked On for the PS Vita.  The digital download code will only work on a US compatible Vita, hence why it isn’t available for those of you in the UK.

Stay tuned and I should have this up and running either tomorrow (Friday) or Saturday at some point.

Nuvo Pro Game Grip – Unboxing (@nuvogadgets)

I was over the moon to finally receive a Nuvo Pro Game Grip from the guys over at Nuvo Gadgets. Lets take a look at and in the box to see what awaits me!


The box itself is very nice to look at. It is a lot smaller than I thought it would be, which definitely isn’t a bad thing. The design is very nice to look at too. You get a nice mixture of colours, an image of the Game Grip, along with some info about the device. The information provided on the front of the box sums up the device quite well – it turns your iPhone 4/4S and iPod 4G into a pocket arcade machine, you can use the buttons provided if you would prefer to, no additional software or apps are needed to use it and it is a plug and play device.


The back of the box does a great job of telling us what the key features are with an embossed list of features that include dual shock, arcade buttons, charges your iPhone/iPod, enhanced sound, LED indicator, and textured grip. There is also a list of recommended games for you to try using the device with, so that is handy if you are stuck for ideas, as well a larger list of specifications.

Removing the device from the box you are greeted with a foam insert that adds protection to the game grip whilst it is packaged. You also have a Mini USB Cable that is used to charge the device, the Game Grip itself, 4 x Arcade Buttons and an Instruction Manual.

On the Game Grip itself you will find 4 buttons – Power, Volume +/- and Battery Indicator. On the back of the device you have two speakers, the Nuvo Pro Game Grip logo, and the LED indicator that shows you the battery life. On the bottom of the device you have the port to plug in the mini USB cable to charge the battery and a 3.5mm jack port for headphones.

I am really looking forward to getting to grips (no pun intended) with this device and will have a review up for you soon!

Rapid Fire Kits – Accessories Review (@RapidFireKits)


Whenever I heard the words “modded controller” I always used to think “why would anyone use one of those?”  Since getting in touch and speaking with the guys over at Rapid Fire Kits, I know that there is a lot more to a modded controller than the whole rapid fire and auto aim that you see on games such as Black Ops, etc.

Rapid Fire Kits were kind enough to send me s bunch of parts for my controller.  These parts range from thumbsticks to shoulder buttons – and then to the dreaded rapid fire mod chip.  I was actually starting to look forward to getting things started.

I chose to use one of my old white Xbox controllers to use all of these little bits and bobs in – I didn’t use the controller any more, didn’t want to take off my Squid Grip’s from my red chrome controller and my other half wouldn’t let me have his black one.  I had purchased my Torx T8 screwdriver and a soldering iron in advance so I was ready to get my hands dirty, so to speak!

Following the instructions supplied on the Rapid Fire Kits website, it was easy enough to take apart the controller for me to change the thumbsticks, buttons, etc.  I actually managed to get those bits done by myself, but having the option there if I needed help was nice.  When it came to attaching the mod chip though, I am very thankful for the guide.  There are step by step pictures as well as written text to keep you going in the right direction.  Unfortunately, I still missed a part and thought I had screwed everything up.  A quick email to them had me sorted though!

The quality of all of the parts that I had from them was really good.  All of the parts are really well made and didn’t feel cheap.  They all fit where they were supposed to with no gaps and everything works as it should.  Everything on this controller is a part from RFK, all except the Start and Back buttons, the shell and the triggers.


The mod chip does what it should.  You have 9 different modes to choose from, from rapid fire to auto aim.  There is a full tutorial on how to use and choose each mode on their site also.  When everything is put together and works like it is supposed to, you do get a large sense of satisfaction.

Now whilst this is probably a controller that I won’t use too often, mostly because I like my red controller with my Squid Grip’s and Kontrol Freek’s, I have the option there to use it if and when I want to.

If the mod chip isn’t your cup of tea then there are plenty of other bits to choose from and prices start from as low as £1.  Check out their site if you feel like jazzing up your controller cosmetically, definitely give them a look.  I have a discount code that gives you 15% off of your total order price on their website.  Just click here to find the code.

I also have two sets of thumbsticks leftover so will be doing a giveaway for those some time soon.  A nice bright yellow set and a nice bright orange set.  Check them out on their site!