Sandberg PowerBar 2200 mAh – Review

Everyone knows that your battery dying whilst out and about is a nightmare.  No matter how much you try to leave the house with a decent charge, there are those occasions when it just can’t be helped.  Thankfully, Sandberg have products to counteract this.

They were kind enough to send me out a PowerBar 2200 mAh to review.


Inside the box, you will find the PowerBar itself, a 33 cm Micro USB cable and a small Instruction Guide.

When the PowerBar first arrived, I was instantly impressed by the size and look of it, (9.3 cm and 2.10 cm wide), it is a decent enough size to fit anywhere.   It also has a very nice look to it, with its metallic green colouring – other colours are available, it won’t look out of place.  It was very simple to setup for charging.  Literally just plug the Micros USB in on the PowerBar and plug it in to your computer, or other power source.  Whilst charging, the LED light on the device lights up red and when charged, changes to green.  There was no need to install any drivers or anything, and charging started immediately.

When it came to using the PowerBar on my mobile device – my iPhone in this case – it did exactly what it should.  I simply plugged in the iPhone charging cable to the PowerBar and connected it up to my phone.  Charging started as soon as I connected the two devices together.  I kept my phone on charge whilst driving  and after a 15 minute trip, it had charged an extra 22%.


Charge life on the PowerBar seems to be substantial and I have only had to recharge through the PC once since it arrived.

Overall, I am very impressed with everything about this device.  It looks great, is a very handy size, and does exactly what it should – charges my devices.  While I only tested it with my phone, there are plenty of other devices you can use it for – pretty much anything that can be charged via USB.  For the price that you can pick one up for (around £13 from Amazon UK at time of writing) this is definitely something that you could do with having in your car or bag, even if as a ‘just in case’.


**GIVEAWAY** Custom Smartphone Case from @caseable

Today, I have a new giveaway for you lovely lot.

The kind folk over at caseable have been generous enough to provide a custom smartphone case for one of you to win.  To enter, it couldn’t be easier.

Visit the caseable website by clicking HERE . From here you can look through the large variety of designs that are available for smartphones, or you can create your own.  Choose your phone from the smartphone list and away you go.  When you have decided on a phone case design, either from the large selection available, or one that you have designed yourself, you just have to tweet me the link on Twitter.  If you create your own design, there is a button below the “Add to Cart” button that says Link (see image below).  Just click this and the link to your custom created case will be generated.  Alternatively, if you choose one of the designs from the shop, just copy and paste the link from your browsers address bar.


You must be following me on Twitter for your entry to be valid (@TootieTazzy).  The tweet that you send must include my Twitter ID @TootieTazzy, the link to the caseable website, and the link to the design that you would like, if you were to win.

Example: “Hey @TootieTazzy here is the design I would like if I win, please! (IMAGE LINK)

This giveaway will stay open for 7 days, so will close on Wednesday, July 31st at midnight.  The winning entry will be chosen and and the winner will be informed the following day.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask here, or fire a tweet my way.

*GIVEAWAY WINNER* CyberLink PowerDVD 13 Ultra (@CyberLink)

Here is the video announcing the winner of the CyberLink PowerDVD 13 Ultra giveaway that I did a couple of weeks back.

A massive thanks to CyberLink for providing the prize and for allowing me to do the giveaway!

TeckNet MT-183 Kindle Folio Case – Review (@TeckNetOnline)

Here is the video for my latest review, the Kindle Folio Case from TeckNet.

You can check out the case for yourself, as well as the different colours that it is available in, over on Amazon UK.

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