About Me

Welcome to my blog.  I decided to start this blog in order to keep all of my reviews in one place.  Once I get a chance, I will be trying to arrange it a bit better so that you can find everything a little easier.

My name is Haley, I am 31 years old and I live in the UK.  I am an Xbox Community Ambassador, as well as the Community Manager for XBLGamerHub.  I enjoy playing video games, being on the laptop, as well as catching up on various TV shows.  I have recently started dabbling in making my own gameplay videos, so they could also be making an appearance on here.

I joined XBLG in October 2012 and things have been awesome ever since.  I have met a bunch of great people – people I would never have met had I not got involved with the site.  I enjoy speaking with all of our followers and fans on both Facebook and Twitter.  I believe in answering everyone that takes the time to speak to you – it makes them feel like a part of the community, even if just that little bit more.

In my spare time I enjoy doing surveys and doing product testing.  Even the smallest opportunity to give feedback to a company or community is great, even better when you know that your feedback is being taken onboard.

If you have any comments and/or criticism regarding my blog and its content, please do feel free to let me know.  It is all welcomed and taken into consideration.


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