Nuvo Pro Game Grip – Review (@nuvogadgets)

The Nuvo Pro Game Grip is a smart little device that turns your iPhone 4/4S or iPod 4th Generation into a handheld gaming device. Being able to use this product with your phone or iPod makes gameplay a lot more comfortable, which is something that I need because of the discomfort my hands feel when playing for prolonged periods of time.


First up, you have to get your device fitted into the product. This is a very simple process that takes only a few seconds. You unclip the end off of the Game Grip, remove your rubber insert and slide your phone in – charging port end inwards so that it slots into the dock adapter at the end – then just clip the end back on. If you are using an iPod 4th Generation, you sit the iPod into the rubber insert and slide it in using the insert to make the iPod fit snugly.

A quick note before fitting your phone or iPod: ensure the volume on your device is turned right up as the buttons on the Game Grip only control the volume through the unit itself.

Once fitted, it is very straightforward to use. You turn the unit on by pressing in the power button which is found on the side of the unit, along with the volume buttons and battery indicator button. You can keep an eye on the unit’s battery life by checking the indicator lights which are located on the back of the unit. There are no intrusive buttons on the front of the unit, so there is nothing to get in the way of your fingers while playing. Included in the box are four arcade buttons that you can use if you would like to. These sit nicely on the front of your phone or iPod when it is in place and can come in very handy, depending on the game you are playing.


The Game Grip provides more hand space while playing because your hands aren’t confined to the small place that is your phone screen. This makes it easier to move your fingers to different positions and also means you can keep an eye on more of the screen, too. The extra space also means that hand cramp is less likely, in turn providing a more comfortable game session.

An added bonus of using the Game Grip is that it charges your device while you are playing a game, depending on how much the battery is charged. No more battery drainage issues while playing your favourite game!

The Dual Shock feature is also a nice addition. It brings a more immersive feel to the games you are playing, which is never a bad thing. Having the option to plug in a set of headphones while using the unit in public is a nice touch – no dirty looks from the person sitting next to you on the bus!

All in all, if you like to play games while either on the go or while at home, this nifty little gadget allows you to do just this while adding comfort to your experience.


Nuvo Pro Game Grip – Unboxing (@nuvogadgets)

I was over the moon to finally receive a Nuvo Pro Game Grip from the guys over at Nuvo Gadgets. Lets take a look at and in the box to see what awaits me!


The box itself is very nice to look at. It is a lot smaller than I thought it would be, which definitely isn’t a bad thing. The design is very nice to look at too. You get a nice mixture of colours, an image of the Game Grip, along with some info about the device. The information provided on the front of the box sums up the device quite well – it turns your iPhone 4/4S and iPod 4G into a pocket arcade machine, you can use the buttons provided if you would prefer to, no additional software or apps are needed to use it and it is a plug and play device.


The back of the box does a great job of telling us what the key features are with an embossed list of features that include dual shock, arcade buttons, charges your iPhone/iPod, enhanced sound, LED indicator, and textured grip. There is also a list of recommended games for you to try using the device with, so that is handy if you are stuck for ideas, as well a larger list of specifications.

Removing the device from the box you are greeted with a foam insert that adds protection to the game grip whilst it is packaged. You also have a Mini USB Cable that is used to charge the device, the Game Grip itself, 4 x Arcade Buttons and an Instruction Manual.

On the Game Grip itself you will find 4 buttons – Power, Volume +/- and Battery Indicator. On the back of the device you have two speakers, the Nuvo Pro Game Grip logo, and the LED indicator that shows you the battery life. On the bottom of the device you have the port to plug in the mini USB cable to charge the battery and a 3.5mm jack port for headphones.

I am really looking forward to getting to grips (no pun intended) with this device and will have a review up for you soon!