Rapid Fire Kits – Accessories Review (@RapidFireKits)


Whenever I heard the words “modded controller” I always used to think “why would anyone use one of those?”  Since getting in touch and speaking with the guys over at Rapid Fire Kits, I know that there is a lot more to a modded controller than the whole rapid fire and auto aim that you see on games such as Black Ops, etc.

Rapid Fire Kits were kind enough to send me s bunch of parts for my controller.  These parts range from thumbsticks to shoulder buttons – and then to the dreaded rapid fire mod chip.  I was actually starting to look forward to getting things started.

I chose to use one of my old white Xbox controllers to use all of these little bits and bobs in – I didn’t use the controller any more, didn’t want to take off my Squid Grip’s from my red chrome controller and my other half wouldn’t let me have his black one.  I had purchased my Torx T8 screwdriver and a soldering iron in advance so I was ready to get my hands dirty, so to speak!

Following the instructions supplied on the Rapid Fire Kits website, it was easy enough to take apart the controller for me to change the thumbsticks, buttons, etc.  I actually managed to get those bits done by myself, but having the option there if I needed help was nice.  When it came to attaching the mod chip though, I am very thankful for the guide.  There are step by step pictures as well as written text to keep you going in the right direction.  Unfortunately, I still missed a part and thought I had screwed everything up.  A quick email to them had me sorted though!

The quality of all of the parts that I had from them was really good.  All of the parts are really well made and didn’t feel cheap.  They all fit where they were supposed to with no gaps and everything works as it should.  Everything on this controller is a part from RFK, all except the Start and Back buttons, the shell and the triggers.


The mod chip does what it should.  You have 9 different modes to choose from, from rapid fire to auto aim.  There is a full tutorial on how to use and choose each mode on their site also.  When everything is put together and works like it is supposed to, you do get a large sense of satisfaction.

Now whilst this is probably a controller that I won’t use too often, mostly because I like my red controller with my Squid Grip’s and Kontrol Freek’s, I have the option there to use it if and when I want to.

If the mod chip isn’t your cup of tea then there are plenty of other bits to choose from and prices start from as low as £1.  Check out their site if you feel like jazzing up your controller cosmetically, definitely give them a look.  I have a discount code that gives you 15% off of your total order price on their website.  Just click here to find the code.

I also have two sets of thumbsticks leftover so will be doing a giveaway for those some time soon.  A nice bright yellow set and a nice bright orange set.  Check them out on their site!