COMM-PLAY CP-BT01 Bluetooth Headset – PS3 – Review (@4GamersElite)

When looking for a bluetooth headset to use with the PS3, you want something that is going to stay in place, comfortable, and something that has decent sound quality.

Today I have for you a review of the COMM-PLAY CP-BT01 bluetooth headset from the people over at 4Gamers to review.

CP-BT01BLK Bluetooth Headset PKG

When I first received the headset, it came in a clear plastic type box.  The top half of the box contains the headset – the one that I received was the black headset and was held in place by a well folded and placed plastic insert – again, transparent with a cardboard sleeve that has the “Official Licensed Product” logo.  The bottom half of the packaging is a cardboard insert that has the box contents encased.

When opening the clear plastic box from the top I was greeted with a well folded but easy to open top.  Once opened, it was easy to slide the bluetooth headset and the cardboard insert out and remove the plastic sleeve that the headset is sat in.  Removing the headset from the plastic sleeve couldn’t be easier.  Just twist the headset a little so that the ear clip part of the headset slides through and unclip the receiver from the back of the packaging.  The headset itself is nice to look at with a black finish and the PlayStation logo at the bottom of the headset.  There are also no obvious buttons, so it literally is just the headset and ear clip.  You can now get to the box that was sat under the headset.

CP-BT01BLK Bluetooth Headset PRO

Inside the box you will find the following contents.

1 x Headset
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Instruction Manual

So you don’t get loads of little bits and bobs.  You get what you need to be able to charge, setup and use the headset.  It is recommended that you fully charge the headset before using for the first time.  To do so, just plug in the included charging cable to a free USB port on your PS3 system and then plug in the other end to the headset itself.  The LED indicators let you know what is going on while it is charging – red means it is charging and blue means it is fully charged.  Headset charge time is roughly 1.5 hours.

When it came to pairing the headset, I was expecting it to be a daunting task, mostly due to previous experience.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I made sure to follow all instructions that are included in the Instruction Manual, both to see if it was easy to follow and to make sure I got it right first time.  No exaggeration here but following those steps was the easiest thing I have done for a while.  They help you get the headset paired up with the console and also walk you through getting set to use the headset chat wise.  If you are new to doing this on a PS3, then definitely follow the manual steps, you will be up and running in no time!

So now that everything is set up correctly and ready to go, I wanted to check out the sound quality through the headset.  This was relatively easy to do.  I grabbed a friend and we tried it out.  I asked for feedback as far as sound quality whilst listening to see how clear incoming sound was.  I was told that I was coming through crisp and clear, and I also had the same experience when listening to incoming voice.  This is something I was glad about as there is nothing worse than unclear and muffled sound.

Having put this headset through its paces for almost a week, I have to admit that I am very pleased with it.  I have used bluetooth headsets in the past and have had something negative to say about them – whether it be battery life or sound quality – but I honestly have nothing bad to mention about this one.  If you are looking for a decent bluetooth headset to use with the PS3 then I would recommend this.

From what I have seen, this headset can be picked up for around £10 from Amazon UK.


Upcoming Goodness! **Updated

Hello you lovely people!

I have so much goodness coming up over the next few weeks for you all!

First up, I should have reviews up for “Special Forces: Team X” on XBLA as well as Forza Horizon.  I also have copies of Ratchet & Clank: Q-Force, PlayStation AllStars Battle Royale, and LittleBigPlanet Karting that are here and need reviewing at some points.

Whilst that is it for video-games for the time being, I have some other gadgets both here with me and on the way!  I have a headset from the people over at Infected Audio, an Avenger Elite 360, a Nuvo Pro Game Grip from the folk at Nuvo Gadgets, a set of KontrolFreek FPS Freek CQC Signature Edition, a Rumble headset and PS3 accessories from ORB Accessories (you find these on Twitter for the time being), and some custom controller accessories from Rapid Fire Kits.

Reviews and unboxings for all of the above will be available over the next few weeks.  Needless to say, I am very excited to get started.

Also, I have a couple of giveaways coming up over on my Twitter account.  Prizes from Let’s Fish Game and Kingston Technology.  I’ll post separate posts when these are live with details of how to enter.

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**Edited to add that I have just heard back from 4Gamers and they are also going to send me out a couple of review items , so look forward to hearing about those too!