iVisionwear Computer Glasses – Review (@VCeyewear)

I have been interested in getting a pair of computer glasses for a little while now, especially considering the amount of time I spend on my PC and laptop but could never justify the pricetag of them. When the kind people over at VC Eyewear agreed to send me a pair from their iVisionwear range to use and review, I was more than happy to take them up on their offer.

On their website you will find four different categories for their glasses – Computer Eyed, iVisionwear, Gamers Edge, and Go Green! Readers.

I tend to get headaches pretty bad when I have been in front of the monitor for long periods of time, so my online time has been somewhat limited of late. I have had the chance to use these glasses for a couple of weeks.

When I first received the glasses they came in a black box with a clear plastic front.


Through the clear plastic front packaging you can see the glasses themselves. On the box you have the iVisionWear logo beside the clear plastic, and a list of what the glasses are made to help with. On the side of the box you have a list of devices that the glasses are designed to be used with and on the back, a more detailed and in-depth list of what the glasses are made for and their features.

iVisionwear Eyewear Features:

iEdge Enhanced Lens

  • Increases visual comfort and acuity
  • Provides UVA/UVB protection
  • Relaxes the eye
  • Eliminates dry, irritated eyes
  • Improves visual focus and performance
  • Clearer screen resolution
  • Experience more enjoyable screen viewing

iEdge Lens Filter Technology

  • Reduces digital glare, eliminates harmful ultraviolet artificial light rays
  • Prevents eye fatigue
  • Increases visual efficiency and focus

iEdge Specially Formulated Lens Tint

  • Eliminates light frequencies annoying to the eye
  • Provides superior contrast
  • Increases visual functionality and comfort

Optical Quality Frame:

  • Light weight, comfort fit for all day viewing, comes with eyeglass case
  • Comes with eyeglass case that can be used for lens cleaning

When you pull out the clear plastic insert from the box you will find the glasses sat between two pieces of plastic – which has a grey cardboard insert beneath them – and also a case to keep the glasses in. First impressions of the glasses are that they look very nice indeed with their silver metal frame and slightly yellow tinted lenses. The glasses themselves are very light and adjust easily enough when putting them on for the first time.


When I first started using the glasses I found that I kept getting distracted by the frame being visible, due to the lense not being overly wide. This is something that I did get used to very quick, so was no longer a problem. When wearing the glasses they were very light and comfortable to wear, especially for longer periods of time.

When looking at the monitor it did take a bit of time to get used to seeing things with a slight yellowy tint. Once my eyes had adjusted though, I can’t really complain about them. I have suffered with less headaches and my eyes have been watering a lot less since wearing them which means I get to spend more time on my PC – which can’t be a bad thing, right?


I know these are Computer Glasses so them not really doing the job when playing on my Xbox or PS3 is something that I was expecting, so I cannot complain about that.

Overall, for the price that you can get these glasses for ($39.99) you can’t really go wrong. Sure, you can spend quite a bit more money on a pair from a different brand and use those, but I am more than happy with these. I am kinda tempted to get myself a pair of the Gamers Edge glasses from their website, just to see how they measure up to their iVisionwear range when it comes to console gaming. If you are looking for a decent pair of PC glasses that aren’t going to set you back a lot of money then give these a try.


5 thoughts on “iVisionwear Computer Glasses – Review (@VCeyewear)

  1. If you ever do get a pair of Gamers Edge, let me know how they compare to iVisionwear when it comes to TVs. I read a review where a guy used Gamers Edge while watching a movie and said they were great, so if you have both to compare, I’d like to know if it is better or about the same as iVisionwear.

      • I thought about emailing you, but didn’t know your email, so here’s an update that you could keep in mind when reviewing you GamersEdge glasses. I emailed VC Eyewear asking them what was different between iVisionwear and Gamers Edge, they told me they were pretty much the same. The only difference is that iVisionwear has a slight magnification to make reading easier on the computer. Maybe this is why iVisionwear weren’t so great with consoles?

        I don’t know why I remember reading about why you didn’t like using them with consoles, but I can’t seem to find why. How were they not doing a good job with your PS3 or XBOX?

      • I think it was because of the magnification when using them on the console. When using them, they made me feel a little nauseous (although that isn’t hard for me to feel that way).

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