Nuvo Pro Game Grip – Unboxing (@nuvogadgets)

I was over the moon to finally receive a Nuvo Pro Game Grip from the guys over at Nuvo Gadgets. Lets take a look at and in the box to see what awaits me!


The box itself is very nice to look at. It is a lot smaller than I thought it would be, which definitely isn’t a bad thing. The design is very nice to look at too. You get a nice mixture of colours, an image of the Game Grip, along with some info about the device. The information provided on the front of the box sums up the device quite well – it turns your iPhone 4/4S and iPod 4G into a pocket arcade machine, you can use the buttons provided if you would prefer to, no additional software or apps are needed to use it and it is a plug and play device.


The back of the box does a great job of telling us what the key features are with an embossed list of features that include dual shock, arcade buttons, charges your iPhone/iPod, enhanced sound, LED indicator, and textured grip. There is also a list of recommended games for you to try using the device with, so that is handy if you are stuck for ideas, as well a larger list of specifications.

Removing the device from the box you are greeted with a foam insert that adds protection to the game grip whilst it is packaged. You also have a Mini USB Cable that is used to charge the device, the Game Grip itself, 4 x Arcade Buttons and an Instruction Manual.

On the Game Grip itself you will find 4 buttons – Power, Volume +/- and Battery Indicator. On the back of the device you have two speakers, the Nuvo Pro Game Grip logo, and the LED indicator that shows you the battery life. On the bottom of the device you have the port to plug in the mini USB cable to charge the battery and a 3.5mm jack port for headphones.

I am really looking forward to getting to grips (no pun intended) with this device and will have a review up for you soon!


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